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DtcFix, Bluetooth Car Fault Code Diagnostic and Error Deleting Application

Beceuse DtcFix is an easy to use Diagnostic Trouble Code application


DtcFix can connect to the OBD2 socket in your car using a bluetooth adapter such as ELM327

Support Language

DtcFix is able to display and clear trouble codes held in the vehicle engine control unit (ECU) due to a fault previously occurred in your car with Turkish/English language.

DtcFix helps reduce your car's repair and repair costs!

  • None of the well-known software will get error code from 4 ECU. Whereas many vehicles in the GM and VW groups has more than one ECU.
  • For this reason, car repairers are taking high-cost diagnostic equipment.
  • Support Turkish/English Interface and Turkish/English DTC Database

  • DtcFix works on most brand and model cars using the OBD2 standard.
  • Ford, VW, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugoet, Skoda, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Seat , Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac and others ...
  • Application features can change +/- according to the brand.